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Glass is your window into the world. But when that glass is shattered, scratched or cracked not only is your view impacted, your safety, security and serenity are effected, too. 

Whether you have damaged or destroyed glass in your home or business, Hedlund is here to help. Our team has the expertise to help you choose the right glass for your needs and the experience to ensure a smooth and seamless installation. 

Residential Services

  • Storm windows and screens

  • Mirrors

  • Vinyl window replacement

  • Insulated glass units (double panes)

  • Glass for tabletops, cabinets & shelves

  • And more!

Speciality Glass & Acrylics 

  • Tempered & laminated glass

  • Plexiglass & lexan

  • Tinted & decorative glass 

  • Beveled glass & mirror strips

  • And more!


Glass 101


Laminated glass is a strong and durable safety glass made with two panes of glass bonded together with an inner plastic layer. Windshields are often made of laminated glass but it is also a great choice for home and business use due to its durability, noise reduction qualities and energy efficiency.


Tempered glass is 4 times stronger than ordinary glass thanks to the heat treatment process used to create it. When struck, tempered glass breaks into smooth, pebble like pieces rather than sharp, jagged pieces. This makes it an ideal choice for residential customers, especially those with children in the home.


Plexiglass, also known as Lexan or acrylic, is a cost-effective glass alternative. It is lightweight, shatter- resistant, heat- resistant and impressively strong. Plexiglass has both residential and commercial uses ranging from windows to lights to screens and more.


Insulated glass, also known as double glazed, features two (or more) glass panes separated by an air or gas cavity. These units are known for their energy efficiency, durability and longevity, making them a great option for homes or businesses.
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