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Frequently Asked 


There's a crack in my windshield. Now what?

When you discover windshield damage, there are two initial steps to take. First, contact your preferred repair facility. Second, contact your insurance agent (if turning in a claim). When you choose Hedlund as your preferred facility and contact us first, we will assess the severity of the damage and help you determine whether or not to turn it into insurance. If you decide to file a claim, we can assist you with speaking to your insurance agent and help you gather the right information so that the claims process is as smooth as possible. 


Does my windshield need fixed? It's just a little crack.

Windshield glass is a structural component of the vehicle, meaning its integrity is of critical importance to driver safety. Cracked or chipped glass threatens this integrity and can become a danger, especially over time. This is why in the state of Pennsylvania a windshield with a crack in the driver's field of vision will not pass inspection. It is important to have every chip and crack addressed as soon as possible. If caught early enough, some small cracks can be repaired without the need for a full windshield replacement. The longer a chip or crack is left unaddressed the more it will spread, resulting in more severe damage.


Will a windshield claim impact my insurance? 

In most cases, a windshield claim will not impact your insurance premium. Depending on your policy, the claim-free credits offered by your insurance company might be effected. For some repairs, it is cheaper to self-pay due to deductible costs. When you call Hedlund first we can assess your unique damage and help you determine whether or not to make an insurance claim.


What is scanning & calibration? Why is it important?

Scanning checks the vehicle's Advanced Driver Safety Systems (ADAS) and makes sure they are in proper working order. Calibration restores any of these systems that are not working properly or at all. In recent years these steps in the repair process have become critically important as ADAS has become standard equipment on almost all new vehicles. Since many of these systems are integrated into the vehicle's windshield, scanning and calibration are essential steps required by the vehicle manufacturer when replacing auto glass.


Learn more about scanning and calibration.


Will you come to me to complete the repair/replacement?

Yes! We offer on-site services as well as pick up and delivery when necessary. Your convenience is our top priority! 


Do you guarantee your services? 

Yes! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If a repair/replacement isn't right, we'll make it right. Glass replacements also come with a full warranty. 


Do you fix vehicle side mirrors?

Yes! We offer side mirror repair and/or replacement depending on the damage and vehicle design. For many vehicles, we can replace the mirror glass without having to replace the entire mirror assembly, saving you time and money.

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